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Best Dog Training Site
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7 Good Tips For Dog Training in Greenville, South Carolina
Congratulations on bringing your new pet or puppy to your home. Congratulations! Congratulations! It is important to set the boundaries and guidelines as early as you can so that you will be best friends for the rest of your lives. Let's start with some puppy tips. Don't be discouraged by your puppy. He'll try his best. Your pet's natural instinct is to please you, so make an effort to be patient and kind with them during these stressful times. All will be fine. If this is the route you choose there are professional pet trainers available to help. Experts suggest that your puppy is spayed or neutered when they are puberty. This makes them more gentle and less likely to become aggressive. This will enable you to anticipate your puppy's behavior and help you gauge their reactions to new situations.
Tip 1) Start Early
The sooner you start, the better. Many believe that this should happen once your dog is housebroken. They worry that too many lessons could make the puppy overwhelmed. But your dog is much smarter then you might think. It's incredible the amount of things that your dog will remember. The house process will be easier for your puppy if he is taught basic behavior. Basic obedience can help your puppy to learn the guidelines for acceptable behavior sooner than expected. It's much simpler to correct bad behavior. Puppies are young dogs and are keen to learn. This is the most ideal stage in the life of a puppy to train them and engrain lessons into their minds. Don't forget to see the top rated Dog Trainers Greenville SC for examples.

Tip 2) Be Careful In Choosing Your Dog's Name
There are many things to consider when choosing the name for your pet. For example, it helps to choose a shorter name beginning with a consonant, such as "Bully," "Jackie," or 'Fido' as these names make it easier for the dog or puppy to hear its name clearly, especially if you put a significant emphasis at the end. You can change the name of a dog adopted from shelters. Sometimes, shelter workers or even dog breeders give dogs temporary names. Sometimes, giving new names can provide dogs with a new start in particular if they're coming from violent circumstances. Dogs are adaptable. Make use of a brand frequently and consistently to see your dog respond. You should associate your pet's name with positive, enjoyable, and fun things. It's not a good idea to use your dog's nickname to get them to behave badly. It is also a good idea to make use of it when you are praising your pet. Dogs should be able to associate their names with the words "walk" or "dinner."
Tip 3) Teach Your Puppy/Dog When Called To Obey
The first rule you must master is teaching your dog to answer your commands. This helps you establish your status as an alpha. Get down on the level of your dog and instruct him to come to you . Always make use of his or her name whenever you call. Positive reinforcement is a way to encourage the dog to come to you. If he approaches you, say to him "Come here Bully" When he does, "Good boy Bully", and then do it whenever he's doing something more interesting. It will be clear the advantages of teaching this rule to your child at an early age in his life. Don't forget to have a look at the top Dog Training Greenville SC for info.

Tip 4) Reward Positive Behavior
Positive reinforcement can be used to reward your dog's good behaviour. It is possible to reward your dog's positive behavior by giving treats, toys, love, and/or lots of praise. Let him know when he's doing it right. Do not reward behavior that isn't good. This can only confuse him. Dogs are naturally hungry, so small treats are a great method of teaching your dog to obey many commands. Victoria Stilwell, an English dog trainer, is an avid advocate for positive reinforcement. Positively is her website that contains additional information.
Tip 5) Give Your Dog a Private Den
Dogs need their own space. From day one give your dog or puppy his own, private sleeping place that's not used by anyone else in the family, or even another pet. The dog will be happier only for short time periods in his private den. If he stays in a calm and peaceful state you could be sure to reward him. A crate is often his hideaway. It could be helpful in housetraining. Don't forget to check out the top Dog Behaviorist Greenville SC for more.

Tip 6) New Home for Puppy/Dog
Your puppy should be given warm water and a ticking alarm clock upon his return home. It mimics the heat and heartbeat of his littermates and will soothe him within his new surroundings. This will help him sleep at night and during the day. This is crucial for a new dog who came from a noisy shelter which was busy and had trouble. You and your dog will benefit from anything you can do to help him settle into his new home.
Tip 7) Establish House Rules Immediately
It's up to you to decide what your pet is allowed to and cannot do. Are they allowed to sit on the furniture? Can he be allowed to lie in bed with you? Do you allow him to sleep in your bed? If the rules are set early, you can avoid confusion for both of you. Make sure you are clear about your rules once you set them , and make sure that your family members support them or they could be a source of frustration for your puppy/dog and for yourself. Dogs react differently to different signals. If your kids don't feed the dog table scraps but you do consider it an issue of conflict of interest. When you establish boundaries early, your dog is more likely to obey them.
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